Hope Church Thetford

Who Are We?

We are part of Relational Mission, a group of 50+ churches mostly in East Anglia, Kent and Holland. Relational Mission is held together by warm relationships and a shared desire to make the love of Jesus known. It is itself a part of the New Frontiers international family of churches.

Since first meeting as a small group of people in 2011, we have grown steadily, seeing plenty of evidence of the grace and power of God. We believe that the Holy Spiriet is with us as we gather and fully expect salvations, healings and contributions during our meeting.

We love to have fun together and leave plenty of time to enjoy each other’s food and drink! From summer BBQs to weekends away together; community is so important to who we are as a church. There is something beautiful about the love of Jesus being shown within community that crosses cultural, social and language barriers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help as many people as possible become totally committed to Jesus Christ!

What We Believe

We Believe

The creator of the universe loves us, cares for us and longs to be in a living relationship with us. And he loves you and wants to know you too.

We Believe

God’s heart was broken when sin entered the world. Adam and Eve had chosen to look to themselves rather than upon God’s glory. God could no longer be in relationship with his beloved human race.

We Believe

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3v16.

We Believe

Jesus came to save us from our sins. He came to save me and he came to save you. He paved the way for us back to our heavenly Father. Every wrong thing that you and I have ever thought, said or done was completely erased, gone forever. It died with Jesus when he died a terrible death on the cross for you and I.

We Believe

What was given to us instead, was new life. A completely free, gracious gift that not only means we can live life to the full here on earth, but we are promised eternal life in Heaven with our Father too.

We Believe

Jesus came so that we can have life to the full. A life free from addictions, worry, doubt, and fear. A life that is full of joy, a life that is full of Hope.

We’d love to explore this further with you. Come along to one of our Sunday meetings or join us at the Alpha course to find out more.

Our Team


Nigel Worth

Lead Elder

Nigel is married to Glenda and they have two grown up children, Jenny and Phil. Nigel is a cricket enthusiast, and an avid follower of Crystal Palace FC (we don’t hold that against him!) Glenda is a Geordie girl through and through and loves a good Stottie! Nigel and Glenda both served on the staff team at Kings Church Braintree. They moved to Thetford in 2011, and are excited to be here. God has given them some very clear promises for Hope Church Thetford, and they know it is a privilege to be part of what God has for this beautiful town.

Vision and Values


God has spoken to us clearly about the plans and purposes he has for Thetford. We know that he loves this town and has called us to:

  • Bring hope to the town of Thetford – hence our name!
  • Become a large church of influence in the town
  • Enjoy being a multicultural and multinational church
  • Grow and develop links with other nations


Our values are our culture and the way we do things. We believe the Bible is the word of God and we seek to follow the patterns for church life that can be found in the New Testament.

Here are some of our key values:

  • Word and Spirit – following God’s teaching and guidance through Biblical wisdom and spiritual gifts.
  • Worship and prayer – acknowledging God and his place in our lives. We seek to glorify God by living our lives as an act of worship; through prayer we communicate with God.
  • Family and friendship – following Christ’s example and God’s teaching throughout the Bible, we seek to be loving, caring and show friendship and kindness to all peoples. The family is an important unit throughout the church; we ourselves are one large family, who in turn, are a part of the family of churches across the world.
  • Grace and giving– God is so lavish with his grace upon us in our lives. As we receive grace we endeavour to give it out to each other in our relationships, and by giving to those in need, not judging or excluding anyone.

Passionate Worship

We are unashamedly passionate when it comes praising Jesus.

Hope Church Thetford

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